Managing Opt-Outs

Making sure that customers can easily Opt Out of receiving text messages from you is a key part of message compliance. Here are the key aspects of how Notify helps you manage opt outs:

Giving Customers an Opt-Out Notice

We automatically add an Opt-Out notice to the end of every text campaign you send out. For example, let's say you typed out a message that said "We're having a 20% off holiday sale tomorrow at the midtown store." — the message your customers get would actually look like this:

We're having a 20% off holiday sale tomorrow at the midtown store. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Automatic Opt-Outs

The Notify system will automatically opt out customers that reply to your campaigns with a "Stop Word." Stop Words include responses like Stop, Cancel, or Unsubscribe.

On the Customers page in your account you can see the number of Unsubscribed customers at the top right. There is also a column that indicates whether a given customer is opted in or opted out:

Manual Opt-Outs

If you need to opt out a customer for some reason, you can click on the checkbox next to a customer's name, then click the "Edit" button:

When you click "Edit" you'll see a pop-up window where you can set the "Opt-In" status for the customer to "No" and then click "Update" to save the change:

You should then see the customer's Opt-In status change to a red X:

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