How to Grow Your Customer List for Texting

Here are few simple ideas to help you grow your customer list so you can text more people ... and that means you can drive more repeat sales!

Ask Every Shopper for a Mobile Number at Checkout

  • When customers shop at your store or website, include a step during the checkout process where you ask for a mobile number.
  • Explain why you're asking for the number, i.e. to send special promotions, time-sensitive business updates, etc.
  • Assure people that their information will be kept secure and never shared with, or sold, to a third party.

Offer a Reward for Customers who Provide a Mobile Number

  • Incentivize customers to share their mobile numbers by offering rewards or discounts. For example, you can provide a one-time discount code or entry into a loyalty program for customers who opt in to texting.
  • Clearly communicate the value of the reward to encourage more sign-ups (20% off your next purchase, Get 100 loyalty points, etc).

Use an Email Campaign to Collect Mobile Numbers

  • Leverage your existing email subscriber list to collect mobile numbers.
  • Send out targeted email campaigns that promote the benefits of subscribing to text messages and include a link to your Notify Customer Sign-Up Form.
  • Highlight the advantages of receiving text messages from you, such as early access to sales or time-sensitive promotional offers.

Add a Mobile Number Form to Your Website

  • Create a dedicated section on your website where visitors can easily opt in to receive text messages from you.
  • Keep the form simple, asking for minimal information such as their name and mobile number.
  • Mention the frequency of messages they can expect to receive and the type of content they'll get.

Remember that building a customer list for text message marketing should always be done ethically and with a focus on delivering value to your customers. Get consent to send texts, and respect customer privacy to maintain a positive and engaged subscriber list.

If you are using Square to manage your customer directory and do not see those customers being automatically added in your Notify account, try to reconnect to Square. If that doesn't work, please contact Notify Support.

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