Adding Customers from a CSV File

One of the ways to add customers to your Notify account is by importing a list of them from a CSV (comma separated values) file. To import your customers, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Download our template file here or create your own CSV file that looks like this (the column names must match this format exactly):
first_name last_name mobile
John Davis 2135551234
Jane Reynolds 7695551234
Bob Smith 6462547656
  1. Go to the Customers page in the Notify app and hit the "Import CSV" button.
  2. Add your file and click the "Import Customers" button.
  3. You may only see a few customers imported at first because it takes our system some time to process your file. If you keep refreshing the page, you should see the customer count going up until they all are imported.

That's it! We take care of properly formatting your customer mobile numbers to improve sending. We also handle any opt outs that come back to us when your customers respond with a "Stop" message.

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