One-on-One Text Conversations

In addition to sending out text campaigns to many customers at once, you can also have One-on-One conversations in the Notify app.

  • You can use the One-on-One feature to view replies to your campaigns, and then respond to those replies.
  • You can also use One-on-One to send a single outbound text to a customer.

How to Use One-on-One Conversations

When you sign in to your Notify account, you'll see a Mailbox icon at the top of the page:

If you have any Unread text replies from customers, you'll see a small green box with the number of Unread messages. Just click on the Mailbox to view your replies, respond to those replies, or initiate a new conversation with a customer. Clicking the Mailbox will take you here:

Pricing for One-on-One Conversations

It's just $0.03 per message. At the end of each month we'll count up your One-on-One messages (both replies from customers plus your outbound texts to them), and charge your credit card on file.

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