Top 5 Texting Ideas to Win Back Customers

We’ve seen these text campaign strategies work for current users, and we’ve used them here at Notify to communicate with our own customers:

Idea 1: Launch a Promo

Idea 2: Announce new products or services

Idea 3: Provide a business update

Idea 4: Ask for reviews

Idea 5: Run a survey

Read on for more info about the Top 5...

Idea 1: Launch a Promo

Offering a promo in the form of a one-time discount or buy-one-get-one deal is a great way to grab customer attention and bring people back in. Also, if you put a “promo code” in your text message (eg JAN23OFFER) you can track how many sales your text campaign has generated.

Tips for promo text campaigns:

  • Create a sense of urgency by promoting limited-time offers or flash sales
  • Emphasize the exclusivity of the promotion for existing customers

Example promo message:

We miss you here at Main Street Gizmos! To show our appreciation, we're launching an exclusive promo just for you. 🎉 Enjoy a 20% discount on your next purchase using code JAN23OFFER. Hurry, this is valid until Friday at midnight. Can't wait to welcome you back!

Idea 2: Announce new products or services

New merchandise just come in? Redisplaying new products due a change in season? Trying out a new service offering? All great reasons to ping your customers to see if they’re interested.

Tips for new product text campaigns:

  • Provide some details about the new offering, and talk about why customers should be excited about it
  • If you plan to host any special events related to the launch, include that in your message
  • Combine new product launches with a promo for existing customers (see Idea 1!)

Example new product message:

Exciting news! Main Street Gizmos has just launched the new Gizmo Turbo 1000. This product was built based on feedback from customers like you. Learn more on our website, and don't miss our upcoming event at the store on Main Street on January 10, where you can see it in action!

Idea 3: Provide a business update

Texts are also a very effective way to get critical information to your customers when they need it. You may want to let them know if you are moving to a new location, if you launched a new website, if you’ve introduced a pricing change, etc.

Tips for business update campaigns:

  • Keep the message short so the key info is emphasized
  • Let customers know they can reply if they have any follow-up questions (Notify will send you alerts when you get replies to campaigns, and you can then engage in 1-one-1 conversations through our app)

Example business update message:

Main Street Gizmos is moving to a larger location at 123 Main Street. Your continued support has helped make this milestone possible. Hope to see you soon.

Idea 4: Ask for reviews

For anyone doing business online or who has any kind of internet presence (which is pretty much everyone), getting positive customer reviews posted is critical to attract new customers. Your reviews can be on your website, your Facebook or Instagram page, your Yelp profile, and many other places on the web. This is another strategy we use extensively here at Notify—if you sign up and start texting, be sure you’ll get a review request from us in the near future!

Tips for review request campaigns:

  • Make sure you include a link directly to the review site so it’s easy for the text recipient to write and publish their review
  • Emphasize that reviews are highly valued by both you and other prospective customers

Example review request message:

Main Street Gizmos values your opinion and we’d love to hear about your recent experience with us. Please take a moment to share your thoughts at Your feedback helps us improve and lets others know about the great products and services we strive to provide.

Idea 5: Run a survey

Getting candid and frequent feedback is the best way to make sure you’re making your customers happy. And if it turns out you’re not, it helps you figure out what needs to change. Texts-based surveys don’t have to be lengthy. We run “micro-surveys” at Notify all the time that ask just a single question!

Tips for survey campaigns:

  • Ask for customer feedback on a previous experience and what could have been better
  • Express a commitment to continuous improvement based on their input
  • Offer a discount or incentive for taking the time to respond

Example survey message:

We need your feedback here at Main Street Gizmos so we can improve our products. Responders get a 15% discount on their next order. Just text back the letter of the choice you agree with most. What new gizmo color would you like to see on our shelves?

A) Blue

B) Green

C) Yellow

D) I don’t care about color

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